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women prop 8Despite protesting, California’s Supreme Court decided to uphold proposition eight – the ban on gay marriage.  California voters said no to same-sex marriage last November, but the court will still continue to recognize the 18,000 couples who wed prior to the vote.

According to, there will be another protest tonight in response to the court’s decision:

Time: 7 p.m.
Date:  May 26
Place:  647 San Vicente Blvd. (Santa Monica & San Vincente), West Hollywood

Los Angeles residents should expect major traffic delays tonight.

yatai1In Los Angeles the words “gourmet” and “low-cost” seem like oxymorons.  Well that’s no longer the case when it comes to Asian-tapas bar, Yatai.  This West Hollywood eatery has excellent food, fantastic service and a fabulous atmosphere…all at a reasonable price!

Last night my boyfriend and I visited the restaurant for the second time and were once again thoroughly impressed with our dining experience.  After a few rounds of drinks and several dishes, the bill was only $80.  Why go to Koi, which is overpriced and has mediocre service, when you can eat just as well and spend half as much at Yatai?  

Here’s a few dish suggestions:

  • Tempura pumpkin w/curry salt – $5
  • Spicy tuna over crispy rice – $6
  • Bite-sized rib-eye steak w/caramelized onions – $16

When the weather is nice, Yatai also has outdoor seating.  The restaurant is located at 8535 W. Sunset Blvd.  Parking can be a problem, but it’s so marvelous it’s worth it.

Photo by Lex in the City
Photo by Lex in the City

Does having another woman around make a guy more attractive in the dating scene?  According to Trevor Dewey, the founder of California-based Wing Girl LA, men have better luck with the ladies when they have a platonic girl friend around.

Wing Girls LA is a dating service for men that provides “wing girls” to help them meet women in a social setting.  The girls meet their clients at a nightspot, accompany clients to events and even provide personal shopping services to help them be more fashion forward.

How much does it cost?  Rates range from $75-85 per hour, with a four-hour minimum.  Wing Girls LA also offers dating coaches at $34.99 a month or a three-hour outing, with two wing girls, for $750.

Dewey says, “Most of the people are shy, but they’re interesting, good guys.  They’re just not as smooth as some of the other guys out there.”

What do think Marvelous Girls?  Would you be upset to hear that your husband/boyfriend used a wing girl to pick you up?


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