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The latest issue of People magazine shows Heidi Montag’s new chin, nose and breast.  According to the publication, The Hills star is addicted to plastic surgery. 

By 23-years-old, Montag has gone under the knife many times.  In her most recent trip to the plastic surgeon, the magazine is claiming she had 10 procedures in one day!

Scary stuff.  We think she was more beautiful before the surgeries.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died in Haiti’s earthquake, the prime minister told CNN today.

The country was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake yesterday.   It seems all the hospitals in Port-au-Prince fell, so those injured are not able to get the medical attention they require.

Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti.

The first cougar cruise set sail in December on the Carnival Elation, but it seems the party has been washed up, according to Carnival’s spokeswoman:

“We have decided not to have any future groups on our ships booked on this theme,” said Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz. “There were not any particular issues on board. However, we simply made the business decision not to have future groups book on this theme.”

There’s going to be some unhappy laddies now.  Perhaps Royal-Carribean can pick up the slack?

Just when we thought Photoshop disasters couldn’t get any worse than Demi Moore’s November cover of W Magazine, British actress Emma Watson loses a leg in her Burberry campaign ad.

The photo, by Mario Testino, shows the Harry Potter star with her brother Alex.   But Emma’s leg just seems to disappear.

It’s probably time to tone down the Photoshopping, right?  More magazines need to be like Marie Claire and feature real people.  Click here to see the cover of Australian Marie Claire where Miss Universe 2004 poses un-airbrushed and nude.

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Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins, posed nude on the cover of Australian Marie Claire’s February issue.  However, despite the magazine’s anti-Photoshopping efforts, some are complaining that Hawkins does not represent real women.

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Apparently after conducting a survey to discover a mere 12% of women were truly happy with their bodies, the magazine put Hawkins on the cover to make a positive statement.

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