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Kate Gosselin is sporting a new do thanks to celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson.  In fact, it took Gibson 20 hours to give Kate hair extensions!

Kate, who jokes that her new nickname is “Kate Clean-Slate,” tells People magazine, “I’m starting over. It’s good to have hair again. I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life. I’m rebuilding. There’s no option for this not to be a good year. Now I get to start over with a new self and new goals.”

Kate Hudson recently attended the premiere of the movie NINE, and her hair was bangin’.   Celebrity hairdresser, David Babaii, told Marvelous Girl just how he tamed Kate’s beautiful mane:

I prepared Kate’s wet hair by massaging a dime size amount of my David Babaii for WildAid Hair Polish into her hair. For greater control, I parted her hair into 4 sections (both sides and crown leaving the nape area free). This helps achieve the perfect blow dry.

I dried each section straight, giving the ends a soft rounded finish with my David Babaii for WildAid Blow Dryer. For added lift and volume, I sprayed some David Babaii for WildAid Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier.

To finish, I french braided her shorter layers to sweep hair back and away from her face. For hold, I used my Mise en Plis Light Styling Spray. It’s like oxygen for the hair! It doesn’t weigh your style down or make it feel tacky. At the end of the night, Kate’s look was completely fresh without any product build up.

For more on David and WildAid products, click here.

Khloe Kardashian Kim partyLast night, while hosting Three-O Vodka Bubble Launch Party at Greenhouse in NYC, sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian looked stunning in a black and white.  Wondering what lables they were wearing?

Kim (right): a Zara Jacket, Guiseppe Zanotti Boots and a Juliette Jake Clutch.  

Khloe (left):  Alice & Olivia Dress, Guiseppe Zanotti Boots and an Audrina Castro Clutch.

Surprisingly inexpensive choices for the Kardashian girls.  Kim must be saving up for that $20 million engagement she’s rumored to be eyeing.

Nadia Nour eco-friendly clothingI love eco-friendly clothing, but it’s so difficult to find stylish pieces that don’t leave you looking like a unkempt hippie.  That’s why I love the 100 percent organic clothing line by Nadia Nour, which combines style, sophistication and comfort, all while being earth-friendly.

Online dress retailer,, is now exclusively carrying Nadia Nour.   To celebrate the launch of the collection, will be offering 50 percent off NEW styles from Friday, July 10th – July 31.   So now you can get a fabulous cocktail dress and save the environment at the same time…proving you really are supergirl!

Each piece is made with organic and vintage materials, produced locally in New York’s garment district. Nadia’s love of dresses and skirts is apparent in her collection. Each piece is highly stylized, structured, soft, feminine and flirty.

wavy summer hair how toThis summer, splash into the latest hair trend: mermaid-like waves.  This glamorous yet laid-back style is perfect for all summer occasions and a great look for both you and your daughter.  Because young or old, who hasn’t wanted to be a mermaid?

Suki Duggan, owner of the Donsuki Townhouse Salon on Upper East Side Manhattan, shares her tips on how to create this great mother, daughter look.  Suki suggests:

– Section hair into 1-2 inch pieces
– Rolling each section and pinning as you go. 
– After the rollers have cooled, run a comb through your hair to get large, soft waves.  A spritz of hairspray should hold the style for the day.

Such a classic, feminine style!

White Taffeta & Sequined Glamour Dress - $160

White Taffeta & Sequined Glamour Dress - $160

I love vintage pieces, whether authentic or replicated, because they stand the test of time and always remain classic.  Vintage wedding dresses are marvelous, but often difficult to find in good condition…and especially in your size!  If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired wedding gown there’s a boutique in Burbank, Calif. called Unique Vintage that may just have the reminiscent style you’re searching for. 

If you can’t make it to Burbank, you can order online at  Whether it be a period-themed party or event, you’re sure to find affordable replicates of the era’s you love.

Unique Vintage is located at 2013 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

This is Heidi Klum’s fourth pregnancy, and she definitely still holds the title for hottest mom-to-be.  Heidi recently spoke to PEOPLE about her maternity style…

Heidi said that she doesn’t shop at maternity stores.  “I love to be creative and find cute things in between,” she says. “It’s about finding good shapes. Cool tops. Right now for example, I love the skinny pants and blousier tops, and then when I get bigger, I like to bring the form back to the body. Then I like to show it off.”

Heidi’s favorite maternity garment?  Balenciaga’s black jeans.  “They are super stretchy, and they are not very high, so you can kind of fit them under the belly. The bump on top can still grow,” she says.  However, just for an everyday look Heidi says, “I love the lumberjacks and the ripped jeans. They are comfortable. I love over-sized t-shirts and jeans.”

To learn more about Heidi’s pregnancy, click here.

Prom Hair3Hair is one of the most important elements to completing your formal look.  For those of you who can’t afford to go to the salon this year, Marvelous Girl is bringing the salon to you.  Hairstylist, Penny Doster at Hollywoood And Mane, provided some simple, costless tips to get the perfect do-it-yourself prom/wedding hair.

“This season it’s all about the feminine romantic look, which is so easy to do at home,” explained Penny.  

1)  Flat iron your hair straight

2)  Tease the crown area for a bit of volume

3)  Pull sections from either side of the temples to the back of the head

4)  Twist the two sections together a couple of times and begin bobby pinning

5)  Add some smoothing serum to minimize flyaways 

6)  Finally, add an accessory like a flower or a decorative pin/comb

TIP:  Match the color of your bobby pins as closely as possible to your hair color; unless you’re looking for them to stand out.

“A common mistake people make is washing their hair.  Your natural oils will help the style set and stay, so it’s best not to shampoo the day of the big event,” suggested Penny.

If you have hair questions for Penny, email

Photo by ElvisFan76

Photo by ElvisFan76

Summer is around the corner and this year it’s your time to shine.   I asked renowned hairstylist, Penny Doster of Hollywood And Mane Salon,  to provide a few easy steps for a sexy summer makeover.  Here’s what she had to say:

• Bangs are still around and very stylish! While angled fringe Bangs still tops the list, change it up a bit. Try different angles, blunt or solid. Make them thicker or thinner, if long enough part them down the center. Whatever it is, a slight change, bangs are always noticed – even if you don’t change anything else. It’s a great way to change up your look without too much commitment.

• The haircut craze that is still hot and going strong is the Bob, a timeless and classic haircut .  Lately we have started seeing some added length to this cut, with some exaggerated pieces falling below the jaw line on one or both sides with stacked layers.

• Get a brow wax.  Brows can subtract 10 years from our appearance- eyebrows make a difference.

• Clarify – Everyone needs to clarify from time to time and wash hair from the inside to help remove chlorine and impurities.  A great product to use is Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo.

• Protect – spray on hydrating daily UV protector to protect hair from discoloration, fading and all harmful sun rays. It also neutralizes chlorine & metals.  Try Lanza Healing Haircare Swim & Sun.

• Moisturize – Nothing is worse than dehydrated hair especially in the winter.  A good moisturizer is a must for everyone.  Get Euforas Urgent Care (which is also great for sun -burnt skin) or Humectin Extreme Moisture Conditioner by Nexxus Organics.

• GO GREEN!– free yourself of harmful chemicals with the gentle earth-friendly Onesta Haircare shampoo and conditioner.  Always free of parabens and sodium sulfate, your hair will look and feel great when you use pure natural hair care products.

Acknowledge by top stylists for her hair coloring techniques, Penny Doster has 18 years of experience and specializes  in hair coloring, weaves, perms, conditioning treatments as well as prom, wedding and party hair up-dos. 

Hollywood And Mane is located in Mesa, Ariz. at 1235 S. Gilbert Rd.  For an appointment, call 480.748.1148 or visit

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