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The first cougar cruise set sail in December on the Carnival Elation, but it seems the party has been washed up, according to Carnival’s spokeswoman:

“We have decided not to have any future groups on our ships booked on this theme,” said Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz. “There were not any particular issues on board. However, we simply made the business decision not to have future groups book on this theme.”

There’s going to be some unhappy laddies now.  Perhaps Royal-Carribean can pick up the slack?

Tonight, @katiecouric discusses teen dating violence.  Nearly 30 percent of teenagers say that they have experienced teen dating violence, according to a survey by the Liz Claiborne and Family Violence Prevention Fund.  Katie Couric takes an in depth look at this serious and troubling issue.

Not sure what to get your man for Valentine’s Day?

1800 Tequila offers a “Design Your Own” feature on its Web site, where consumers can upload original artwork to make customized bottles. Send your sweetheart a custom message on a bottle, or personalize with his favorite artwork or a sultry photo.

The customized bottles are $99 and turn around in just 2-3 weeks – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

And for the cost-conscious, 1800 also offers the 1800 Tequila Limited Edition Essential Artists Bottles – a series of 12 bottles, each for $24.99 a bottle. Eleven up and coming artists contributed their designs to create these limited-edition masterpieces – with one celebrity bottle designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One.

Custom Bottle Design Instructions and Template, click here.

The New Year offers endless possibilities to set new goals and break bad habits. How about starting new couple habits that will strengthen your relationship?, says Dr. Noelle Nelson, relationship expert and author of Your Man is Wonderful (Free Press, 2009).
“Now is the time to take a look at some of ‘him-and-her’ patterns developed over the years. Keep those that work and change those that don’t,” says Nelson. “You know the ones, like the roll-your-eyes-snide-comment thing you do every time your husband laughs at what you consider to be some inane sitcom gag. Or your severe sigh and heavily judgmental, ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ way of ending arguments.”
These all worked to get your point across at some point in the relationship. “We don’t establish patterns because they will fail. Him-and-her patterns emerge because they work,” explains Nelson. “When you were first together, letting him know your opinion of a sitcom with a roll-eyes-snide-comment was cute. It certainly was more acceptable than saying something downright demeaning. But over time, it’s not cute, and in fact, can be downright irritating.”
In this example, Nelson points out that for the husband, watching sitcoms may relax him; take him away from a world of worry and responsibility. “Instead of rolling your eyes when he turns on his favorite show, accept the good that watching does for him,” says Nelson. “Don’t react negatively. Better yet, smile, knowing the show is of value to him.”
An “I don’t want to talk about it” pattern may have kept you from flying into a temper during an argument in the past, but now all it does is prevent you from discussing issues that need to be discussed if your relationship is to deepen and thrive. “Change that pattern to ‘I need some time to cool down. Let’s come back to it later. Is that okay?,” says Nelson. “That way, you can handle your heated emotions without dropping an issue that will only continue to fester if left unaddressed.
“We have patterns of behavior for all types of situations, continues Noelle. “We couldn’t function in our highly complex world if we didn’t have reliable patterns to go by. But left unexamined, our patterns can become a prison, keeping us locked in behaviors that no longer contribute to a happy, joyful life.”
Nelson suggestions that this New Year, take a fresh look at your him-and-her patterns. “Keep the ones that work,” she says, “and let go of the ones that don’t. With new patterns, you’ll see a surge of love and a stronger bond between the two of you.”
For more marriage tips, go to Nelson’s blog, or follow her on Twitter,

After more than two decades together, long-time partners Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have separated.  In fact, the couple split up during the summer, but news is just breaking now.

Robbins, 51, and Sarandon, 62, met while filming the minor-league baseball classic Bull Durham and dated for 23 years.   They have two sons together, 20-year-old Jack and 17-year-old Miles.


Amazon has some great last minute magazine deals.  Click Here to see all offers.  Here are just a few..

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January is one of the busiest times of the year on Internet dating sites. Since online dating has lost its stigma in a world where singles lead frenetic lifestyles and have little time to find love, traffic on these sites will continue to increase, according to Rochelle Peachey, who has written two books about dating and in February 2010 is launching I Love Your Accent, an international online dating web site for singles in the United States and the United Kingdom.
“Online dating is now accepted as a respectable way to find love, especially with people who have busy careers and/or are not interested in the bar scene,” Peachey said. “January is a time to set the stage for something new and better. It’s worth taking a chance. You’ll have regrets if you’re left to wonder ‘Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda and I wish I had.’”
For the multitude of singles seeking love online in the new year, Peachey offers these suggestions:
Post a Photo. Pictures are extremely important. If you don’t post one, people will think you have something to hide or you are hideous. Some individuals claim they are not including a photo because they are a famous personality or they are in the public eye, and they prefer to be discreet. That is a poor excuse. And be sure to post nice pictures. Don’t just include an image that showcases your amazing breasts, but be sure to show your face, too. Also, don’t post a picture of your willy or your family jewels. Well, at least not until she or he asks.
Be Honest. Present yourself accurately. Don’t post a five-year-old photo when you had a thicker head of hair and weighed 20 pounds lighter. It will be a waste of time for everyone involved. Consider the Golden Rule. Would you like someone in which you are interested on an online dating site to mislead you about his or her looks and features?
Be Creative. Devote plenty of time to composing your profile, and write engaging and original descriptions. Present yourself in a positive light. Nobody likes a potential love interest who is bitter, negative and/or conceited. And remember, use tact. When writing your preferences, say you are searching for someone who is slim; don’t write “don’t be a fat pig.” If you want someone tall, it’s preferable not to say ‘no short asses welcome.’ An English person’s sense of humor (and spelling) is different. That’s something to remember, too, especially on
Be Clever. In your profile, it’s best not to describe yourself as “caring” as we all care about something! Don’t say, “I love movies and music.” Instead, write examples of specific movies and songs you like. It’s alright to say you like walking in the rain, especially if you’re looking to meet someone from the UK . You’ll be inundated with replies (it rains a lot over there).
Hook Them From the Beginning. Try to come up with a clever header, rather than Hello, or Looking 4U, Are you the one, just curious, etc. These are all boring and overused. Try to spice it up a little and make it more amusing and memorable. For example, how about “New Kid on the Block Needs Tour Guide” or “If You’re Irish, Can I Come into the Parlor? (an old Irish song).
Be spontaneous.
Many single people would not think twice about hopping on a plane for a five-hour flight from Florida to California to meet someone special. It’s only two hours more to fly from New York City to London . If you feel a connection with someone, show some spontaneity. Don’t be shy about taking a chance. It creates excitement. Don’t forget you will need a passport ! That accent may get you going so you will need up-to-date
travel documents.
Safety first. It might sound obvious, but tell a friend or family member where you are going when you finally decide to meet someone in person from an online dating site. Don’t offer personal details until you’re ready. Don’t send money to anyone. If you’re ready to meet and you want that person to travel to you, buy them a ticket.
Be confident in who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t say you are an attorney with three homes around the world if you live in a small apartment. Don’t say you are a great conversationalist if you are quiet. Focus on your strengths. If he or she is not interested, then move on to the next profile.
Don’t take it personally if someone is not interested in you. You’ve heard of the saying, “Different strokes for different folks.” It’s really OK to state your preferences. Don’t be mad at the guy who wants to meet a slim woman. That is his preference and he’s allowed his choices. When a female says she likes tall men or men with hair, that’s her choice. Yeah. she may be 4-foot-11 and wearing a wig, but if her choice is a 6-foot guy with flowing hair like Fabio, hey, that’s what floats her boat. There is someone for everyone, so be patient.
Think outside of the box. If you live in Daytona Beach , for example, and you are only willing to meet someone who lives in Daytona Beach , then you are drastically limiting your options. Instead of limiting yourself to people in your area, why not be adventurous and consider meeting someone from another country?
Actually be single. “This might sound obvious, but in my two books, many of the men who responded to my ad were married. Even if I was interested in meeting someone from those ads, I would have never considered someone who is married.”

Have reasonable expectations. Some women only consider wealthy men and some men only consider younger women. Ask yourself what it is you have to offer the other person and if that person will truly be interested.
Don’t assume. Not all English folk speak in Cockney rhyming slang, up the apples and pears (stairs) plates of meat (feet) and jolly good and tally ho. Nobody in England speaks like that except the AT&T operators who think they are being clever or funny as you place your collect call. Speaking of telephone operators, if you are English, don’t ask the operator if you are through, she will be thinking……..I don’t know, are you? You should say, am I connected, through means done, finished! Don’t ask English people if they know the Queen or someone called John that their dad met once. On the other hand, it’s best not to ask an American to knock you up in the morning.
“The important thing to remember is not stay positive and don’t give up just because a month or two passes and you still haven’t found a potential love interest,” Peachey said. “All good things are worth the effort. Online dating is no different.”

When it comes to selecting a gift for that special man in your life, you may find yourself at a loss.  Let’s face it; men are just difficult to shop for. Marvelous Girl has taken the stress out of holiday shopping by finding gifts for him that are sure to please but won’t burn a hole in your wallet:

 BUTTON DOWN in Black, from Company 81 ($42.00) – The highest quality in fabric, style and wash gives this shirt a vintage feel he is sure to love at a price you can afford.  Clothing from Company 81’s collection have been seen on dozens of celebrities, including Sex in the City’s Blair Underwood, The Hills’ Brody Jenner, E! News’ Jason Kennedy, to just name a few.

TITAN 6 for men by ShaveMate ($9.99) –  For some reason, men just light up when given shaving products.  With six precisely lined blades, this razor will give your man the closest shave possible.   One of the greatest features of this product is that it has shaving cream right in the handle, making traveling easier and eliminating the rust ring in the shower. 

GRAND RESERVE – Robusto Natural 5 pk of cigars, from Gurkha Cigars ($48.50) – Nothing puts a smile on a man’s face like cigars.  So why not impress your him with these flagship cigars from Gurkha Cigars.  Infused with Louis XIII cognac and handmade from the finest tobaccos, he’ll truly enjoy the rich, creamy flavor with a hint of spice and a pleasantly light finish found in these cigars.

CLASSIC TAG-FREE CREW NECK – 6 pack, from Jockey ($40) – Men can never have too many undershirts and at this price how can you pass them up?  The tag-free, relaxed fit crew neck wears well under dress shirts or stands alone for a laid-back style.  Recession or not, this is a gift that will forever be on both his needs and wants lists.

LAPTOP ESSENTIALS KIT from BrookStone ($49.95) – If your man loves technology he’ll blow a gasket for this gift.  This item is one of BrookStone’s best sellers because it has six tools that make his out-of-office laptop use much more convenient.

Did you once enjoy a great sex life, but over the last several years (or decades), you’ve lost that sizzle between the sheets? 

Surveys report that over 20 million couples in the U.S. have stopped being sexually intimate and 40 million Americans live in a no-sex or low-sex marriage. For those Americans, love-making is increasingly infrequent and, on the rare occasion they do have sex, it just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Many people blame their dwindling sex drive on age, stress, weight gain, and fatigue. They are resigned to a sex-less life.  

The book In the Mood Again, by husband and wife team Genie James and Dr. C.W. Randolph,  tells readers that no matter how old you are or how long it has been since you felt in the mood, you can once again enjoy regular, passionate and relationship-enriched sex.  Even better, medical research shows that a renewed sex life can become a secret fountain of youth giving you more energy, helping you lose weight, improving your overall health and wellbeing and also contributing to extended longevity.
Genie James and Dr. Randolph unveil the subtle yet insidious sex drive saboteurs that compound underlying hormone imbalances in men and women: stress, lack of sleep, bad food choices, weight gain, and sedentary lifestyles. They have created two natural solutions that can either intersect or stand alone, both approaches beginning and ending with your hormones.

The first approach involves replacing the hormones your body is missing with ones just like it used to make. This approach is not accomplished by prescribing popular synthetic hormones but with a different type of hormone called BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapies), which are plant-derived hormone molecules that are identical to the human hormones produced within your body.

For more than a decade, Dr. Randolph has used BHRT to treat thousands of women and men suffering from low libido and/or sexual performance problems. After only 3 months on an individualized prescription of BHRT, 92% of Dr. Randolph’s patients report a complete restoration of sexual desire. 99% of all patients indicate they have more energy and 87% say they have lost 10 pounds or more.
But if you aren’t sure if BHRT is for you, Genie James and Dr. Randolph offer an alternative holistic approach:

  1. Schedule sex on your calendar
  2. Be a kind and patient listener
  3. Find a new passion to share
  4. Believe your body is good enough to share
  5. Ask for what you want 

The book, In The Mood Again, hits shelves Dec. 29, 2009

For more ideas on how to spice things up with your man, click here.

It’s rumored that uber-cute couple, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, have broken up.  However, Reese’s rep told reporters today that “It’s not true. They have not split.”

The couple first began their romance in 2007  when the two co-starred in the film Rendintion.  Hopefully the two can keep it together.

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